My Best Worst Thing

2MF presents an evening of regret, “bad art”, hindsight, and artistic doubt. Participating artists and thinkers will select and share a piece that was once a source of pride and joy, but now a marker of previous identity or discarded artistic/intellectual ideas. 

Saturday July 23rd, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Deric Carner
Sarah Chacich
Sonya Derman
Nate Heiges
Citron Kelly
Kristen Jensen
Julian A. Jimarez Howard
Maria Stabio



The Poetics of Performatives

2MF in conversation with Kaitlin McDonough
June 25th, 2015 7pm

organized by 2MF


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Orgy Park Presents
Artist Talk Series II
May 21st 2015 7-10pm

Form Function Fiction

Sophy Naess
Kayla Guthrie
Danna Vajda

curated by Sarah Chacich


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Orgy Park Presents
Artist Talk Series I
November 6th 2014 7-10pm

Parenthetical Practice

Gregory Kalliche (57 Cell)
Jonathan Chapline and Lorraine Nam (#ffffffwalls)
Takayuki Yamamoto (new hell)


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Takayuki Yamamoto, New Hell (video still)


Artist Talks